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  1. You can engage with any of our support people in Facebook, twitter and the website. This enables you to understand more about the products that we have and get answers to any further questions.
  2. We then send you a catalog which contains all the parcels of land that are on sale at that time. This enables you to choose the place where you’d like to purchase land.
  3. We send you an updated subdivision map of the land or you can download directly from the website.
  4. We then take your representative for an organized free site visit. We advertise our site visits every week on our website and also our social media platforms.
  5. After being satisfied that this is the parcel of land that you want, you can now make payments via poapay or any other method
  6. To confirm payment kindly fill the form here and submit it. We will receive the details on our email address
  7. You will then send us a copy of the ID, copy of PIN and 3 passport sized photos. Send these through mail address provided and also send as scanned documents on email.
  8. You will download an already attorney prepared sales agreement form on the downloads section which you will be required to fill.
  9. Once you finish with the payment, we provide you with an ownership certificate to a person who you will appoint to do so through a signed letter. We will also send a softcopy through email for your own records.
  10. You will be in possession of the ownership certificate until the title deed is out upon which you will be required to pay title processing fee which vary from county to county in order to be able to acquire your own title deed.
  11. You are required to pick the title deed by yourself or send a person to do it on your behalf through an authorization letter signed by an attorney. We will also send you a soft copy of the same. A hard copy of the title cannot be sent through the mail to prevent the risk of getting lost.


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